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6 online sessions, more than 100 participants

At the end of May and beginning of June 2020 the first series of online sessions with the overall topic — Entrepreneurial Mindset and Crisis Management — were delivered by the POWER project incubators and start-ups, sharing their experience and lessons learnt when addressing various types of challenges. 

Tetuan Valley (Spain) shared their viewpoint on problem solving in times of crisis by providing a number of examples of how start-ups have overcome challenges. Additionally, two representatives from the start-up Moveco shared their inspiring story and engaged in a lively discussion with participants on whether it is the right time to be an entrepreneur. 

New Factory (Finland) explored the necessary competences to successfully manage challenging situations in start-ups and outlined crucial soft skills that are of essence when dealing with extreme uncertainty. In addition, concrete examples were presented as case studies on how start-ups have reacted to the Covid-19 outbreak in an attempt to turn the crisis into an opportunity.

Finally, representatives from the Alexander Innovation Zone (Greece) gave two practical training sessions on “The start-up roadmap: from idea to launch”, inviting participants to explore the different stages of the start-up journey, starting from defining a business idea, discovering a viable business model and launching a scalable business.  

More than 100 participants (students, start-ups and academic staff members) attended the interactive online sessions and took active part by asking questions to the speakers. More information on the upcoming sessions coming soon!

(Screenshots from the online sessions delivered on May 27-28 and June 3, 2020)

The sessions are organised as part of the university-incubator cooperation activities within POWER project.



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