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The project Placement Opportunities With Entrepreneurial Reach (POWER) aims to create modern, targeted and user-friendly ICT tools for effective placement management at European start-ups, allowing universities, incubators and students to connect at a local and cross-border level. 

The POWER platform and accompanying resources are expected to considerably increase the opportunities of experiencing impactful entrepreneurial placements for students as well as to facilitate the further growth of the European start-up community.

The aims and objectives of the project are the following:

- Creation of a connected set of ICT tools for universities and large scale European incubators to facilitate the visibility of placement opportunities in start-ups and ease the overall placement management process;

- Establishment of structured cooperation between the academic and non-academic worlds by increasing and diversifying the cooperation opportunities between universities and incubators;

- Facilitation of high impact placements that aim both to empower students to choose the entrepreneurial career path as well as to strengthen the start-up growth.

The POWER consortium members have set ambitious goals that will be achieved in close cooperation with over 50 associate partners, including universities, EU-wide networks and incubators.

POWER is an EU-funded project under Erasmus+ Key Action 2 - Knowledge Alliance.

POWER - Placement Opportunities With Entrepreneurial Reach

For Students

The project POWER invites you to share your skills, talents, know-how and to dive into your passions while increasing your entrepreneurial competences and gaining first-hand insights into the dynamic environment of start-ups and European incubators.


Start-ups across Europe are eager to invite you to be part of their business journey and to jointly explore the most suitable cooperation avenues. 

Through a network of partner incubators, POWER will connect talented students with start-ups both locally and across the EU, thus considerably increasing chances of gaining valuable hands-on experience.

For Students

For Universities

Given the increasing importance of practical hands-on experience during the study period, POWER seeks to foster digitalisation of university placement management tools therefore increasing the accessibility of placement opportunities for students. ​

Furthermore, the project will set up a cooperation model between universities and large scale incubators creating space for both sides to engage in diverse collaboration activities that foster the exchange of knowledge, experience and resources.

For Universities

For Startups

POWER seeks to empower European start-ups by creating favourable circumstances to enable meaningful collaboration with talented students. 

A support system accompanied by a set of targeted material will be designed and offered to facilitate smooth management of placements this way allowing to focus fully on the content of the placement as well as enabling highly impactful cooperation with young European talents.

Through a network of universities and incubators, POWER will connect talented students with start-ups both locally and across the EU.

For Startups

For Incubators

The digital ecosystem of project POWER will not only ensure access to a large pool of talents via universities across Europe and beyond but will also facilitate and diversify cooperation opportunities between universities and incubators thus contributing to the growth of the start-up community in a strategic and result-oriented manner.

Incubators will be able to benefit from the collaboration with engaged network of universities and from jointly designing and delivering meaningful entrepreneurial activities of various type and scale.

For Incubators

Apply for placements at European startups

Placement Opportunities With Entrepreneurial Reach
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