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Introducing POWER Open Source Code

The Open Source Code for sharing placement opportunities is now available. Its purpose is to give placement posts wider reach by sharing them digitally. This tool allows, on the one hand, company representatives to post placement opportunities; on the other hand, university representatives to review the posted placements and share them with students.

The goal is two-fold: put universities in the condition to efficiently manage placement opportunities and boost cooperation with companies; widen the services offered by universities. Moreover, the Open Source Code has the potential to open up new avenues of cooperation between universities and companies, beyond the conventional student placements.

The main principles in brief

Company representatives can post a placement opportunity by filling out all the required fields. They can choose to target a specific university directly or make the offer available to a wider audience. Furthermore, institution representatives will have the option to review the placement opportunity posted and decide whether to accept it or decline it. The company representative will receive a notification of the review status and from this moment onwards, they will get regular updates via emails about changes and other important information concerning the offer.

Higher education institutions interested in implementing the Open Source Code, are invited to contact us and we will guide you through the process.



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