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Digital platform that connects universities, startups and incubators

Explore your talents, share your skills and find out more about entrepreneurship

 through practical experience 

in start-ups across Europe. 

Advance in the digitalisation of placement management tools and services and increase the visibility of placement opportunities for students.

Cooperate with young talents from European universities and acquire new perspective for your business and further growth of your startup. 

Increase cooperation with universities across Europe and facilitate further growth of the start-up community.

What is POWER?

Many regions of the EU experience shortages in certain high-skill professions, mainly in fast-growing and fast-changing innovative sectors, hence it is essential to equip students with the ability to think critically, creatively and act entrepreneurially.

The project Placement Opportunities With Entrepreneurial Reach (POWER) will facilitate the establishment of a coherent, sustainable and EU-wide placement ecosystem, which is primarily focussed on high impact placements with evident entrepreneurial elements. This will be achieved via purposeful cooperation of 5 universities and 4 incubators who together will create modern, targeted and user-friendly ICT tools as well as design comprehensive support material. Moreover, the project will allow exploring new and innovative pathways of cooperation thus raising awareness of the entrepreneurship careers and business creation possibilities.

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